The Stillness of Chance: Absence

Durational Performance

FRI 4 APRIL 2014, 6-8 pm
Melbourne, Australia

This project seeks to highlight the impact of mass exportation of labour and contractual employment on cultural identity and belonging.

On Friday 4th of April Riza Manalo rose at 6am to begin preparation of food for a feast. Working alone she prepared food, serving dishes,
plates and cutlery for a gathering of 40 people at 6pm that night. This action mirrored the work asked of foreign domestic workers in their employment overseas, far from home and families.

After setting up the table you see here through the window of The Front art space, Riza positioned herself under the table as a symbolic
gesture of the forgotten status of the foreign domestic worker in the homes of their employers, and the commodification of the globalised workforce. Invited guests then ate the food she had prepared as she lay below and left about her body notes on their responses to her action.

In August this year, Riza will travel to Kuala Lumpur as part of her Phd research to meet with Filipina maids where they congregate in the downtown Central district on Sundays, their usual one day-off. She will participate in their gathering and share the messages with them.

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