Balikbayan (Homebound) – 2004 | Video | Exp | 2:41 mins (excerpt)

Directors: Riza Manalo, Larilyn Sanchez (co-director)

This video is about a  migrant worker who sends her mother back home bringing a taste of a ‘better life’ at all cost.


“Homebound is a humorous, engaging, and ironic short film told from the perspective of a letter sent home by an overseas worker through the family matriarch traveling alone, along with a variety of imported goods and explicit instructions on how the care package is to be divided among their extended family. Sanchez and Manalo create a simple, yet affectionate and culturally intimate film on obligation, family, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.”

– filmref.com/2017/program-8-who-do-you-love


Homebound has won three International awards for best experimental film.

2005 ‘Homebound’  Best Short Film – National Geographic ASEAN Film Festival, USA
2004 ‘Homebound’  Best Experimental Film – San Diego Asian American Film Festival, USA
2004 ‘Homebound’  Best Short Film – Cine Manila International Film Festival, Philippines




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