The First Arrival

The First Arrival – 2013 ( video excerpt) I Video Projection I 10:00 minutes | In collaboration with dance artist Janette Hoe
Site: Abandoned Nursing Home, Preston Victoria

Cinematography: Simon Howe
Concept: Riza Manalo / Janette Hoe
Editing: Riza Manalo / Julia Bilecki
Performer: Janette Hoe

The work is an exploration of memory, identity and the paradoxical
experience of human pleasure and distress when arriving to a new
place. The impact of displacement creates a feeling of uncertainty
combined with unfamiliar images and objects that captures
isolation and eventual adaptation.

This ephemeral performance explores the metaphors and the daily
patterns that create imagistic experience of the physical, visceral
and the underlying subjectivity experienced through the body, in
transition and shift and the nature of the interstitial realities.

© Riza Manalo 2018